Sunday, January 18, 2015

Somewhere Out There...

Today my host family took me all 'round Jutland, including a long drive (by Danish standards) to their summer house by the beach.

Two things I learned: 

1. The ocean is soothing no matter the ocean.

Tilde, Frederik, Molly, and Flemming -
My host mom, brother, dog, and dad.

2. All kids love to skip rocks (even, or especially, kids who happen to be dads).

Frederik, 6. 

Frederik and Flemming, 6 at heart. 

I haven't been homesick yet this trip (in the sense of being upset), though I always miss my family and friends (especially my six-year-old nephew; the youngest child in my host family is six and his utter joy and love of whimsy always reminds me of Elijah). Even so, there was something powerfully comforting about sweeping my fingers through the ocean...frigid as it was. Because, no matter where on earth I am, the ocean waters will meet the waters on whatever coast my family is by; it's the same sun, moon, and sky we're under. The sentiment reminds me of one of my favorite childhood songs, from the movie "Fievel Goes West." I've put the link underneath for you, in case you've never heard the heartfelt song, or if you'd like to take a walk down memory lane. 

Sending you love by way of the winds that blow here in Denmark...


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