Thursday, January 15, 2015

Balance is an Action, Not an Object

To put it another way: "Balance is a verb, not a noun."

However you want to put it, I’ve been traveling for almost three weeks and have been struggling to maintain a daily practice in the midst of wanting to spend all my waking moments soaking in all that is Denmark. Admittedly, I’ve never been good at practicing independently, and the only gym in town has limited yoga classes and is a bit expensive. If you have any videos you enjoy practicing along to, please share in the comments below. An hour or so is ideal, and I am open to any style of yoga/meditation that makes you happy. :)

I’ll start: I like this “power yoga” flow, though the movements and cues are not well-synced if you’re watching (I just listen and close my eyes to avoid distraction). 

Thanks in advance! xo 

P.S. This is my host family’s dog, Molly. She often will lap circles around me the entire time I practice. Perhaps she wants to keep me company in the laundry room; maybe she is wondering what the strange foreigner is up to now. In any case, she’s my down dog muse. 

Molly standing guard. Or questioning the side crow I just fell out of.

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